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  • About Us

    About Us

    Ningbo Zhengyuan Medicinal Materials Co. LTD (formally known as Ningbo Ciliang import and Export Co., Ltd. ) is located in the well renowned city of Cixi made famous for being the starting place of the worlds largest cross—sea bridge amply named the Hangzhou Gulf.
  • R & D Team

    R & D Team

    Relying on the platform of Chinese Academy of Sciences, the company has established a research and development team composed of doctors and masters at home and abroad who have been engaged in relevant professional research for many years.

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  • 7000 people saw dental suspicious AIDS be...

    A dentist in Oklahoma State of the United States has the risk of contracting HIV or hepatitis virus in approximately 7,000 patients due to the use of unclean instruments. Hundreds of patients who were notified came to the designated medical institutions on March 30 to undergo screening tests for ...
  • The largest patient in British medical hi...

    According to the British “Guardian” reported on November 12 2021, about 22,000 dental patients in England were treated improperly by their dentists in the infection control process and were urged to report the results of tests for COVID-19,HIV, Hepatitis B and Hepatitis C viruses. Acc...